I have been really encouraged by some of the great comments I have received on some recent blog posts.

A Great Comment Can Brighten Your Whole Day

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It’s a shame that they ended up in my spam folder. Apparently folks who sell pharmaceuticals, toner ink, and mortgage refinancing, not to mention site owners who host a wide variety of video clips all really really appreciate this blog.

As for you,  my fifteen readers, please let me know what I can do to improve your reading experience.

Net Net

Unfortunately what appears to be a great comment left on a blog post is often just an example of social engineering for spam links. Always check the link.

A Genuine Great Comment

Update–later that same night–A real comment from Will Sargent that did make my day:

I read your blog and appreciate how to the point you are. You have a good healthy balance between practical discussion and idealistic views. Your blog is an example to others.