Startup Stages Overview Video This is Sean Murphy for SKMurphy, Inc.  I want to talk to you about our startup stages model and understanding that risk reducing milestones that separate each stage. We break the startup journey into five stages.  In each stage you will explore different options and converge on a key [...]

Founder Story: Luc Burgun, EVE

This originally appeared in my “Entrepreneurial Engineer” column in EETimes as “No longer a startup, EVE aims for top tier of EDA players” on Mar-29-2011. I have added some additional hyperlinks in this version. Dr. Luc Burgun is co-founder and CEO of EVE. He has more than sixteen years of [...]

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Structuring Business Relationships: Employees, Contractors, Alliances, Partners and Co-Owners

Relationships can be very instrumental in the success of a consulting practice. When building a practice, consultants need to build business relationships with a variety of potential partners. Understanding the power of these relationships -- and establishing trust and confidence -- is one of the keys to growing your business [...]

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CTO Mastermind Open House

Saturday March 24, 9-11am Ground Floor Silicon Valley, located at  2030 Duane Avenue, Santa Clara, We are launching new Mastermind groups in response to several requests from entrepreneurs who wanted to form an advisory board of peers with a deeper understanding of each other's businesses and shared accountability. Come to [...]

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Founder Story: Linc Jepson, 74ze

This originally appeared in my "Entrepreneurial Engineer" column in EETimes as "Linc Jepson's 74ze leverages Russian and American engineering talent to persevere" on Jan-18-2011. I have added some additional hyperlinks in this version. Linc Jepson studied Electrical Engineering at Tufts and after he graduated with his BSEE he was drawn [...]

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Pretotyping – Techniques for Building the Right Product

Alberto Savoia defines pretotyping as determining that you are “building the right product before you invest in building your product right.” His book “Pretotype It” (Second Edition available as a Free PDF or on Kindle for $0.99) lists a set of seven techniques for pretotyping on pages 39-40. This post analyzes [...]

Building Codes For Software

"I think it's still a long time before we'll have building codes for software." Rich Skrenta "There is no building code for software" A building code is a function of the municipality issuing building permits for what is essentially custom construction. Products (and product liability calculations) are driven by tort [...]

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Sketching The Likeness Of An Imaginary Business

Startups originate in the mind of an entrepreneur, often as the result of observing something that seems odd, or is the result of juxtaposing two or three seeming unrelated or even incongruous ideas. The first challenge the entrepreneur faces turn his insight into something others can critique and improve upon: [...]

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Founder Story Sam Wurzel, Octopart

This originally appeared in my "Entrepreneurial Engineer" column in EETimes as "Octopart helps nearly a half a million people find the part they need every month" on Mar-3-2011. I have added some additional hyperlinks in this version. I originally made a note to blog about Octopart in October of 2007 [...]

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