Upcoming MVP Clinics in July and August for Startup Entrepreneurs

Sean Murphy, CEO of SKMurphy Inc will be moderating two upcoming MVP Clinics. These are interactive roundtable discussions were entrepreneurs can present where they are with their MVP and hypotheses about customer, problem, solution, and value. The roundtable will explore issues that founders are having in defining and evaluating their MVP.


  • Introductions each attendee describes briefly who they are, their startup, and the issues they want to discuss about their MVP.
  • Five minute briefing and a one page handout on MVP’s
  • We address the issues raised in a roundtable format, clustering them where possible and encouraging questions and suggestions from attendees.

The MVP Clinic facilitator is Sean Murphy, CEO of SKMurphy Inc. and  offers customer development services for technology entrepreneurs. SKMurphy’s focus is on early customers and early revenue for startups. Sean is an early and active member of the Lean Startup group and has been a workshop presenter and mentor at the Lean Startup Conference for the last three years.

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