Christopher Moore’s Coyote Blue

Christopher Moore’s novel “Coyote Blue.” is full of personal observations and asides that I found very applicable to the entrepreneurial roller coaster. In his author’s note he writes: Do you ever get the feeling that forces unseen are messing with your life? Yeah, me too. And there is little doubt [...]

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Mission Often Matters More Than Monetization In An Early Market

Q: I am a newly minted entrepreneur who has been developing a technology product for an emerging market (state-legalized marijuana) that is proving especially hard to crack. I am a long-standing business strategist who understands and appreciates the imperatives of customer development, however have been very unsuccessful in getting business [...]

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Even For Demanding Markets, An MVP That’s a 70% Solution is Often Good Enough

Today's "Murphy's Law" column (no relation) "Save The 70 Percent Solution" offers some lessons learned from combat for startups in considering how to craft and introduce and MVP into demanding markets. July 23, 2013: When wars end there is a search for lessons. One of the most important lessons from Iraq [...]

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