Q: How Do You Iterate An MVP So That It’s “Good Enough For Government Work”

Q: I am part of a hardware/embedded device startup working on our MVP. We want to develop a minimum product to cut our initial development costs and iterate scientifically through experimentation.  My concern is that State governments are my primary customer type and their buying model is to do a pilot [...]

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SKMurphy Subscription Options

We have three subscription options: you can get our monthly newsletter, you can have every blog post e-mailed, or you can be notified of Silicon Valley events and workshops. SKMurphy Subscription Options SKMurphy Monthly Newsletter You can subscribe to the monthly SKMurphy newsletter using the form at the right Get [...]

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First Major Website Upgrade In 7 years

Welcome to our first major re-design in almost seven years. Things are a little wider now, posts should look better on tablets and smartphones, and the audio and video should all play on them as well. Please leave a comment or contact us if you have any problems or suggestions. [...]

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Set Your PowerPoints on Stun

Q: I didn't get any questions at the end of a recent demo. The audience was quiet and respectful and our point of contact said "It's an interesting product, you've given us a lot to think about." But it's been two weeks and I haven't had any response to my [...]

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