Preserving Trust And Demonstrating Expertise Unlocks Demanding Niche Markets

Preserving Trust And Demonstrating Expertise Unlocks Demanding Niche Markets Q: We are preparing to enter a B2B  market where the potential buyers are high-value but relatively few in number and close-knit. I am concerned that they will have a low tolerance for a minimum viable product (MVP) approach; much less [...]

MVP: What’s Really Under Your Control

We use this definition in our "Engineering Your Sales" and "Validating Your MVP" workshops and our MVP clinics. Our focus is on developing and selling products to businesses so that biases the definition a little bit but it's important to remember what's under your control in crafting your MVP: The [...]

Remarks from “Future of Professional Consulting” at PATCA June-13-2013

PATCA is a non-profit organization created in 1975 specifically to help connect businesses and independent consultants. I was invited to take part in a PACA panel on "The Consulting Landscape: Forward Looking Skills and Practices" on Thursday June 13, 2013. It offered me a chance to clarify my thinking on the [...]

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Peter Cohan: Discovery Conversations Enable Effective Product Differentiation

Peter Cohan has a very insightful new article out, “Stunningly Awful vs. Truly Terrific Competitive Differentiation – What, When, and How”, that outlines how to use discovery conversations to enable effective product differentiation.  What follows are some excerpts with additional commentary but the entire article is worth reading. […]

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Don’t Miss “Capturing Intellectual Property” Silicon Valley Workshop Oct-19-2013

Register for  "How to Invent" for free Udemy course at "How To Invent" is a step-by-step guide for non-inventors to start inventing. It is organized as  screencast lectures, practice sessions, and quizzes. It  offers process for capturing on paper key ideas in your head that you want to document [...]

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BeamWise Blends Biophotonic And Model Based Design Expertise

The following announcement went out this morning: Biophotonic System Design Optimized Through New Technology BeamWise from Design Parametrics, Kinetic River, and Plan Energy I have added some additional hyperlinks for clarity. Giacomo Vacca will include a brief overview of BeamWise in his talk at the Bio2Devices Group on Sep-24-2013, “New Tools for [...]

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Audio: Paul Spaan’s Briefing on 3D Printing at May 24 2013 Bootstrapper Breakfast

Paul Spaan worked as a mechanical engineer for more than two decades at major Silicon Valley technology firms before launching Spaan Enterprises to explore his long term interest in 3D printing. On Friday May 24, he shared lessons learned from the installation and bringup of two 3D printers and some examples of [...]

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Lisa Solomon: Effective Meetings Choose One of Reaching Understanding, Generating Options, or Making Decisions

Lisa Solomon says that an effective meeting can do one–and only one–of 3 things: build a common understanding, generate option, or make decisions. In this talk on “Designing Time: Make Meaning” she elaborates on this and challenges the person calling the meeting to work backward from the end of the [...]

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