SVCC 2013 Work for Equity Panel of Startup Founders Announced

Join us next Saturday October 5 at 1:45 for the “Working for Equity Startup CEO Panel,” an exploration of what’s really involved in getting a technology startup off the ground. We have four entrepreneurs,  an artist, an athlete, a scientist, and a community organizer, who will share lessons learned and take questions from the audience.

Work For Equity Panel of Startup Founders

Many of us in Silicon Valley seek either to found or to be an early employee at a technology startup. If you aspire to create a startup come take part in a conversation with four startup founders about what’s really involved in leaving your day job and striking out on your own or with partners.

  • Tim Bonnemann: founder and CEO of Intellitics, Inc., a digital engagement startup based in San José, CA. Intellitics helps organizations apply technology to support, enhance and extend public participation and civic engagement processes. A native German, he’s been based in Silicon Valley since 2005.
  • Rudy Hofmeister, PhD.: founder and CEO of H2Optx Inc., a food safety testing startup based in San Jose, CA. H2Optx Inc. develops spectroscopy hardware, biological assays, and mobile software to provide real-time testing solutions for food and drug processing applications that improve safety and decrease costs for consumers.
  • Hope Hutman: founder of Projekt Media an immersive theater design studio.  Projekt Media uses proprietary and everyday technology to introduce themes and ideas from the stage play as well as enable reciprocal social relationships between characters and audiences.  We strive to expand the story world, deepen the audience experience in the theater and engage real community.
  • Anne Kallus: founder of, a gear site where athletes recommend the best products in hiking, biking, and more. Anne is a former Product Marketing Director (Yahoo!) with an MBA from Duke. Before becoming an entrepreneur full time, she spent time as a Peace Corps volunteer, a adventure travel guide and a startup junkie.

Please Register for Silicon Valley Code Camp and indicate your interest in the session, this determines the size of room we will be in. We have had some great discussions not only among the panelists but with the audience–more than half the time for the session is allocated to questions from the audience–so please let us know if you plan attend so we will have room for you. There is also a Mobile Session Viewer And Planner. To follow Silicon Valley Code Camp on twitter see @sv_code_camp or #svcc

While I think our panel is one of the better reasons to attend Code Camp there are another 232 sessions offered by experts and practitioners that cover a broad range of topics of interest to software engineers. Code Camp takes place all day Saturday October 5 and Sunday October 6 on the Foothill College campus at 12345 El Monte Rd, Los Altos Hills, CA. The “Working for Equity” panel takes place on Saturday October Oct 5 at 1:45.

See also the “Recap of the SVCC2013 Working For Equity Panel” and the slides from the session:

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