MVP Clinic for Social/Community Apps Wed-Oct-23

If you are planning a new service offering, involving technologies and social interactions between customers, this clinic on minimum viable service can help you learn your way out of conflicting assumptions, lack of relevant data, difficulty understanding service value, and resource constraints. This is especially the case if you need [...]

Matching Polypharmacy Solutions to Personas by Mary Sorber, NightingaleRx

An interesting talk by Mary Sorber, founder of NightingaleRX, providing a caregiver’s view of methods and technologies currently employed for what doctors call the polypharmacy problem and non-professionals often experience as a “big bag of pills”. Related Blog Posts Q: Should I Be an Entrepreneur? My perspective on what [...]

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Peter Cohan: Differentiating Your Offers Starts With The First Contact

Another excerpt from Peter Cohan's very insightful new article  "Stunningly Awful vs. Truly Terrific Competitive Differentiation – What, When, and How" From the customers’ perspective vendors are “differentiating”, positively or negatively, with every contact, every meeting, and every deliverable.  Let’s explore possible negative differentiation first.  How do you feel about: Vendors that [...]

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FounderSuite Worth a Look for Saving Time On Your New Startup

There are a number of forms packages now available for entrepreneurs that provide templates for incorporation, investment term sheets, hiring employees and contractors, etc.. And there are several business model canvas tools that are designed to facilitate useful discussions among founders and advisors (and potential investors) about a new startup. [...]

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