Paul Spaan Offers 3D Printing Show & Tell Fri-May-24 at Mountain View BB

Join other entrepreneurs for serious conversations about growing a business based on internal cash flow and organic profit at a Bootstrappers Breakfast®. Paul Spaan, CEO of Spaan Enterprises, will offer a seven minute briefing on "3D Printing For Bootstrappers" and circulate examples of prototype products he has printed. Paul's briefing will be [...]

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Founder Story: Ari Halberstadt of Catalee on Founder’s Dilemmas and Residential Energy Market

Theresa Shafer met Ari Halberstadt at a Bootstrapper Breakfast in SF earlier this year and was very impressed with his approach to his new startup, Catalee. Ari volunteered to talk with me about Noam Wasserman's "The Founder's Dilemmas" as well as Catalee. Here is a 12 minute podcast and transcript of [...]

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Reminder: Successful Consulting Engagements With Startups at IEEE-CNSV Tue-May-21

Quick reminder:  I will be moderating a panel on "Successful Consulting Engagements with Startups" at the May 21 IEEE-CNSV meeting. I volunteered to pull this panel together after a long thread on the CNSV e-mail list June about the topic. I have been fortunate to attract three knowledgeable and experienced engineers [...]

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For New Products Prospect Objections Are Valuable Data

If your prospect keep raising the same stupid objections and asking the same dumb questions it’s likely that your presentation is lacking or you are frequently talking to the wrong people. For new products, prospect objections are valuable data. Explore the implications and adjust your presentation and demo accordingly. [...]

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Podcast with Pete Tormey on Forming a Team, Dividing Equity, and Gaining Early Traction

Pete Tormey and I decided to do a podcast to address a number of team formation, business formation, and early revenue issues that we have seen in our own startups, in our practices, or hear questions about at the various Bootstrapper Breakfasts® meetings we take part in. Pete is a [...]

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