De-Brief from Product Intelligence and Experience Summit March 15-16, 2017

Theresa and I attended the JPK Group Product Intelligence and Experience Summit in San Francisco, March 15-16, 2017. I gave a talk on “Extracting Insights from A Competitor’s Software Demo.” Here is my de-brief from the event.

Product Intelligence and Experience Summit March 15-16, 2017

“The 2017 Product Intelligence and Experience Summit is a two-day, multi-track professional education and development event, featuring vendor-free learning, intimate, high-level networking and interactive and engaging topics. Product Lifecycle Management, User Experience Design, R&D, Innovation and Competitive Intelligence all play large roles in the success and growth of today’s products.”
From JPK Group brochure for event

I was impressed at how the intersection of customer experience and competitive intelligence seemed to attract a lot of corporate change agents.

We used the event to reflect on our business. Probably the most useful sessions were by Roy Barnes of Blue Space Consulting. He shared a number of stories from his experience at Marriott and his personal life that offered a lot of insights.

Product Experience Matters: Gain insights and an intelligence baseline through a day in your customer’s eyes

  • Gain insights by analyzing your customer and users product touch-points and journey
  • Identify motivations behind user behavior and expectations to better innovate and frame your product
  • Encouraging “experience thinking” collaboratively throughout your team, stakeholders and organization

It triggered some significant changes our thinking in how we are recruiting and onboarding entrepreneurs to our Peer Accountability Groups. Barnes co-authored “Customer Experience for Dummies” with Bob Kelleher; despite the title I found it very useful.

My Talk: Extracting Insights from a Competitor’s Software Demo

A framework for evaluating a competitor’s demos that can be used to develop competitive actionable insights

  • Improve the quality and effectiveness of your company’s demos, thereby increasing your win rate and shortening the length of the sales cycle
  • Identify your company’s product positioning and align it with your messaging and demos
  • Discover which places to view a competitor’s demo and what to do with the insights gained
  • Establish a winning conversation by translating competitive insights into ammunition used by both sales and demo teams

From JPK Group brochure for event

This was a tuned up version of a talk I gave at Silicon Valley Society for Competitive Analysis on Tue-May-24-2016 on “Extracting Insights From A Competitor’s Software Demo.” I am indebted to Alok Vasudeva for recommending me to the JPK Group. Here are the feedback comments and ratings from the talk.

Session title: Extracting Insights from A Competitor’s Software Demo

  • Average Content Score: 4.2 / 5
  • Average Delivery Score: 4.0 / 5


  • “Software not as relevant to me, but Sean tied it to other industries well”
  • “Very knowledgeable presenter, helpful insights”
  • “Actionable insights, good overall presentation”
  • “Enjoyed his take”
  • “Most interactive sessions, matched topic.  Thought provoking ideas for how to work with sales”

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