Newsletter April 2017: Update Your Goals Based On Results

It’s time to update your goals based on results to date. 2017 is now well underway and some goals you set for Q1 may need to be revisited and perhaps dropped or rescheduled for this quarter. Here is what happened in Q1 and what we have planned for Q2.

Newsletter April 2017: Update Your Goals Based On Results

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We are getting a number of inquiries about our lead generation capabilities. Please contact us if you would like to schedule a shot no cost no obligation briefing on nine common lead generation techniques that can be very effective for bootstrappers. We cover them in a trade-off matrix that addresses cost and time to impact.

Update Your Goals Based On Results

It can’t be the end of April, I have not completed all of my goals for Q1 2017.

Clients In the News

Our clients took part in a number of events in 2017, here is a representative sample.

Upcoming Events

Quite a bit happening in the next three months, Peter Cohans’ Great Demo Workshop offers outstanding sales training for entrepreneurs and we are pleased to partner with him on open enrollment events in Silicon Valley that complement the on-site workshops that constitute the bulk of his practice.

Leads–The Fuel For Your Sales Machine®

SKMurphy offers a full range of lead generation services. Our hands-on team can create high-quality leads. Contact us if you would like to hear more. We have recently trademarked “Leads–the Fuel for You Sales Machine” as a tagline for the service; here is an image we have been using to promote it.

Leads--the Fuel for You Sales Machine

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