Newsletter 2020 December: Withdrawal and Return

SKMurphy Newsletter: Withdrawal and Return

While 2020 has been a year of withdrawal, 2021 promises to be a return to a “more normal” mode of operation. The Covid-19 quarantine effects broke our normal pattern–not only for living but also for business operations.  Great innovation and creativity often stream from periods of “withdrawal and return.” The break in regular routines can provide new and useful perspectives that are applicable to a range of conditions.  

This reminds me of Toynbee’s theory of “Withdrawal and Return”

“The creative personality undergoes a duality of movement we call withdrawal and return. The withdrawal makes it possible for the personality to realize powers within himself which might have remained dormant if he had not been released for the time being from his social toils and trammels. Such a withdrawal may be a voluntary action on his part or it may be forced upon him by circumstances beyond his control; in either case the withdrawal is an opportunity, and perhaps a necessary condition, for transfiguration. But a transfiguration in solitude can have no purpose, and perhaps even no meaning, except as a prelude to the return of the transfigured personality into the social milieu out of which he had originally come:”

Arnold Toynbee A Study of History: “Withdrawal and Return: Individual”

Inventing the Future
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Inventing the Future

This article outlines a process to evaluate and leverage innovation and creativity for new growth with an emphasis on experimentation.

notebook to Organizing Your Experiment Log

Organizing Your Experiment Log

Organize your experiment so you don’t become lost in exploring for solutions to a problem. 

Working Capital Vol 1

Alan Kay

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