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Lean Startup Conference 2012 Roundup

Written by Sean Murphy. Posted in Customer Development, Events, skmurphy

This post curates content and commentary related to the 2012 Lean Startup Conference: videos, blog posts, slides, articles, etc..

Main Program Mon-Dec-3-2012

Opening Remarks by Eric Riesblog / @ericries / W: Eric RiesThe Lean Startup

Lean Government

Running Short Experiments During a Long Product Cycle

Ten Ways to Get Out of the Building

What Is Innovation Accounting?

Bringing Lean Startup to Life at GE, One of the World’s Biggest Companies

Prototyping to Validate a Big Idea at Getaround

Fast, Cheap and In Control: Testing the Market for a New Kind of Car

I (Heart) Ugly

Secrets of Rapid Mobile App Development

On the Way to Lean Startup: Curvy and Working it Out

Failure is Great and Other Myths of the Lean Startup

How Engineers Embrace The Lean Startup

We Went to West Africa and Learned Our Key Assumptions Were Wrong

Moving Fast While Caring About Design at Hipmunk

Testing MVPs with Crowdfunding

Making Decisions By Ignoring Sales Metrics

Lean Content: Using Words To Acquire Customers

10,000 Startups

Running a Lean Startup Sales Process

Bonfire of the Vanity Metrics: Numbers You’re Still Using and Shouldn’t

Innovation Accounting in Practice

Lean Marketing

How To Run a 5 Whys (With Humans, Not Robots)

The Challenge of Sustaining Disruptive Innovation When You Meet Success

Creating a Culture of Experimentation: Ideas and Best Practices

One Year Later: Dropbox Answers Your Questions

Making the Call on a Platform Pivot

Lessons Learned Getting Out Of The Building

One Year Later: Lessons from Votizen

A Conversation with Marc Andreessen

Ignite Talks on Sun-Dec-2-2012

Lean Startup Approach to PR

Lessons Learned Rebooting Moveline


Lean Startup in the Enterprise

Just Deploy It

Building a Lean Mean Design Team

Why Every Startup Employee Should Learn to Code

When You Are the Disruptee

Lean Your Marketing

The Psychology of Pivoting

Diagnosing Customer Problems

It’s Not What You Think (Leap of Faith Assumptions)

The I of the Storm

New York Port Authority Goes Lean

Why Big Media Companies Should Go Lean

Parallels Between Lean Startups and Lean Hospitals

Workshops Tue-Dec-4-2012

Validate Your Learning Engines

Build Successful (and Sane) Iterative Apps

Lean Analytics: Using Data to Build a Better Startup Faster

Lean Startup in the Enterprise

The Lean Entrepreneur: Embrace the Unknown to Go Big

Engineering Your Sales Process

Other Roundups and Commentary

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