Ten Key Books for Busy High-Tech Execs @IEEE-SCV-TMC Nov-6-2008

Sean is speaking Thursday November 6 at the Santa Clara Valley Chapter of the IEEE Technological Management Council on “Ten Business Books in One Hour for the Busy High-Tech Executive.”

Spend an hour and leave with a summary of key business insights and some rules of thumb for successful innovation in Silicon Valley. You might even identify one or two books that you haven’t read that will be worth your time. Sean will cover ten books that form the basis for conventional wisdom in Silicon Valley. They provide the terms, the metaphors, the parables–in short the language–that successful businesses use to develop their plans and monitor their execution. Some of these books are old, but still provide succinct guidelines for adoption decisions organizations have to make when deploying or introducing new technology.

Authors like Clayton Christensen, Geoffrey Moore, Peter Drucker, and William Davidow provide a strategic framework for high technology business; they explain how the world works. Steve Blank’s “Four Steps to the Epiphany”, Doug Hall’s “Jumpstart Your Business Brain” and Michael Gerber’s “E-Myths Revisited” offer valuable perspectives on business; they explain how teams need to view the world. Finally, Peter Cialdini, Al Ries and Jack Trout offer useful insights and rules of thumb for how to influence and act as a change agent both within a company and externally.

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