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Solve Real Problems That People Will Pay For Where You Add Unique Value

Written by Sean Murphy. Posted in skmurphy

Tien G. Nguyen suggested three filters for a good business idea:

  1. Solve a problem that he has personally.
  2. Solve a problem that customers will pay you immediately to solve.
  3. Solve a problem that is a real one for customers.

What I think he is looking for in #1 is a problem that he has some useful knowledge about.  Another way to say what I mean is that it should be become something that he can add unique value to, based on experience, expertise, or skills.

I think it’s stronger if  you reverse the order to be:

  1. Solve a real customer problem,
  2. That they are willing to pay for,
  3. Where you add unique value (know-how, experience, or expertise) to the solution.

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