Use Wikis for Team Projects

Wikis dissolve voice and authorship. Use them where there are rewards and incentives at a team level, where a team is being held accountable for a result. Blogs and forums preserve voice and authorship. Use them where knowing who said what is important. Start with frequently updated information that is [...]

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George Grellas Answers Questions at Feb-16 Bootstrapper Breakfast in Sunnyvale

Join us tomorrow, Tuesday, February 16, in Sunnyvale where George Grellas will present a short legal guide for entrepreneurs. George is a veteran Silicon Valley startup business lawyer who heads a boutique firm that specializes in early-stage technology startups. Since 1984, as a founders' lawyer, George has worked with thousands [...]

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Customer Development Helps Entrepreneurs Assess the Value of an Invention

Colin Cherry in "The Telephone System: Creator of Mobility and Social Change" makes the point that the full impact of an invention is very difficult to predict. Invention Alters Society In Ways That Were At First Unthinkable Inventions themselves are not revolutions; neither are they the cause of revolutions. Their [...]

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New Firms in Silicon Valley

Companies names have sure changed in the last year or so. I was noticing today how many signs outside of office buildings seem to be branch offices for these firms: Move In Now First Month Free Your Name Here Available for Lease Space for Rent Here are two directories that [...]

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Saras Sarasvathy’s Effectual Reasoning Model for Expert Entrepreneurs

Update Feb-24-2011: Since I first wrote this in 2010 the Effectuation.Org site has been considerably upgraded and contains a lot more information on research on entrepreneurship by Saras Sarasvathy. Recapping ideas, papers, and books that had changed my life yesterday reminded me of Saras Sarasvathy's Effectual Reasoning Model from her [...]

Great Demo Workshop on March 17 2010

Rescheduled due to illness to April 9, 2010 8:15 - 5:00opm Special Offer for Groups and Organization Members Discounts are available for members of Bootstrappers Breakfast, Business Marketing Association, Women In Consulting, and organizations sending three or more employees: please contact us for discount codes. Create and Deliver Surprisingly Compelling [...]

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