Verdafero Profiled by SJ BizJournal “Sustainability Planning Over the Web”

I was pleased to see that Verdafero, a firm we have been advising for about a year, was selected last Friday by the San Jose Business Journal for their “The Pitch” column. The article, “Palo Alto’s Verdafero Offers Sustainability Planning Over the Web,” ran in the February 5th print edition:

THE BUSINESS: Verdafero has developed a software-as-a-service platform that can be used for sustainability planning, energy efficiency and carbon management services for small and medium enterprise businesses. Customers use the tool to develop a sustainability plan by analyzing best practices and specific savings potential in their energy and material use as well as the environmental impact of their products and associated waste byproducts. Verdafero says it helps its customers stay ahead of supplier approval requirements, increase competitive advantage and improve profitability through cost reductions across their business operations.

MANAGEMENT TEAM: CEO Merc Martinelli is a certified sustainability consultant and previously worked at Cisco Systems Inc. where he led the new product introduction department within the enterprise line of business. Chief Operating Officer Alastair Hood is a business, technology and energy efficiency consultant, and he has worked with emerging companies in the U.K., Ireland and Australia. Previously he worked at Agilent Technologies Inc. and was a founding team member and development director of Nanosight Ltd., a U.K. nanotechnology startup, where he helped raise in excess of $10 million in startup funding.

A note on the name Verdafero: In the global language Esperanto: Verda = Green and Afero = Business. Verdafero™ – We Green Business.

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