Sean Murphy – I Don’t Read Him Regularly, But I Hear That I Should

In a long and somewhat rambling blog post "Customer Development and the Lean Startup," that contains a long laundry list of resources for entrepreneurs on Customer Development and Lean Startup resources, Yury Tsukerman lists "the key players" and drops this short comment Sean Murphy – I don’t read him regularly, [...]

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Great Demo Workshop on March 17 2010

Create and Deliver Surprisingly Compelling Software Demonstrations “Do The Last Thing First” — the recipe for a Great Demo! When: Wednesday March 17, 2010 AM Session: 8:15 am - 1:00 pm PM Session: 1 - 5pm Advanced Topics (see below) Where: Moorpark Hotel, 4241 Moorpark Ave, San Jose CA 95129 [...]

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Foresight 2010 Conference Day Two

Second day at the Foresight 2010 conference on “Synergy of Molecular Manufacturing and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)” Tiny Tech Jobs was a conference sponsor, they not only list jobs on their site but also conferences and consultants. About tinytechjobs: This site is dedicated to jobs using tiny technology, including careers [...]

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At Foresight 2010 This Weekend

I will be at the Foresight 2010 conference on "Synergy of Molecular Manufacturing and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)" this weekend and hope to blog some of the better sessions and anything else I learn. There is a twitter hashtag "#Foresight2010" you can use to follow conference tweets and the talks [...]

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Federated Entrepreneurship

Federated entrepreneurship was a phrase that William Krause used to explain 3Com’s model for management and innovation when he was CEO. Federation comes from a Latin word foedus for covenant or treaty and describes a union of partially self-governing units with a constitution that does not allow unilateral changes by [...]

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SKMurphy Featured In Case Study For Central Desktop

SKMurphy was interviewed and selected as one of a dozen case studies on Document Management Solutions for Consulting Groups by Central Desktop. Read about our innovative approach at "Document Management Solution helps SKMurphy Consulting Group Increase Productivity." We make some strong claims in the case study: Increased productivity - approximately [...]

One Door Closes, Another Opens

I had the privilege to hear Andrew Grove address the Churchill Club on November 6, 2001 at a dinner meeting in San Jose. His autobiography "Swimming Across" had recently been published and he recounted some key events in his life in the course of his talk. After he escaped from [...]

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