George Grellas Answers Questions at Feb-16 Bootstrapper Breakfast in Sunnyvale

steaming hot coffee and serious conversationJoin us tomorrow, Tuesday, February 16, in Sunnyvale where George Grellas will present a short legal guide for entrepreneurs. George is a veteran Silicon Valley startup business lawyer who heads a boutique firm that specializes in early-stage technology startups. Since 1984, as a founders’ lawyer, George has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs in helping them with their strategic planning, entity formation, IP protection, funding, acquisitions–the range of their startup legal needs for both deals and disputes.

George’s style is practical, direct, and down-to-earth, emphasizing a strong working knowledge of technical issues (including tax) explained in a manner that is made understandable and helpful for those new to startups as well as for seasoned entrepreneurs. He is the author of the Startup Law 101 series of tutorials for founders and entrepreneurs.

Bring your questions for George and the other entrepreneurs around the table. As always, there will also be time for your general questions and concerns.

George GrellasUpdate: Four Take-Aways From George Grellas’ Remarks

George made some thought provoking opening remarks on his visit, in particular:

“Startups are interesting. It’s a rather grim time in a macro-economic sense but for early stage startups it’s a pretty amazing time because the infrastructure has been built out.

There is a lot of opportunity to launch companies creatively without the capital intensive needs that were there a decade or two ago.

Of course there are many situations where you have capital intensive needs and that occupies the traditional VC realm.

But there is a huge and expanding area in the last decade, and the last few years in particular, where with creativity and innovative focus on areas like enterprise people can leverage very interesting business models in ways that used to be unthinkable without a lot of money.”

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