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Originally published June 11, 2010

I mentioned last week that my “Startup Wisdom (2009) E-book” was available.  I thought I would provide some more background on my interest in quotes and offer an incentive for my readers to “Suggest a Quote for Entrepreneurs” using my contact form.

I have been collecting quotes for more than two decades. The first quote book I can remember buying was the three volume version (printed in 1989) of Forbes’ “Scrapbook of Thoughts on the Business of Life” probably because it was so expensive. At this point I own more than 120 different books of quotations.

I have posted quotes on my blog since 2006 but in April 2008 I started to tweet entrepreneurial quotes and then post a roundup at the end of the month.  This lead me to search more actively for quotes from both contemporary sources and older books and writings. I would occasionally include a quote from something that I wrote in a forum or e-mail newsgroup post.

When people ask me if I use Twitter I say, “Yes, but my use is non-standard. I post quotes for entrepreneurs.”

The world is full of  insightful people, and my ongoing search for new perspectives continue to be educational.  I enjoy sharing what I have learned and and am always interested in quotes that other entrepreneurs find energizing or insightful.

Please suggest a quote that you have found inspiring or useful using the contact form.

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