The Half-Life of Wisdom

Excerpts from section 7 “Seek Wisdom, Competence, and Confidence” of  “Slow Down to Speed Up” by  Ronald J. Stupak and David S. Greisler

The half-life of information is six months.
The half-life of wisdom is a lifetime.

The self is not infinitely elastic. It has potentials and it has limits. If the work we do lacks integrity for us, then we, the work, and the people we do it with will suffer.

Fundamentally, there must be a blend and a balance among your intellectual quotient, your emotional quotient, and your spiritual commitments, as you move from the notion of learning to the motion of acting. Thinking without action is futile, action without thinking is fatal, and doing either without a deep commitment to community, interpersonal collaboration, professional competence, and personal confidence is to fail.

Perpetual optimism, positive attitudes, and purposeful performance lead to positive actions.

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