Building and Managing a Learning Process

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In response to yesterday’s post on “Seven Quotes on Learning and Measurement from Marty Neumeier”   JP Rosevear asked:

Is there more context to:
“In an age of accelerating change, how you learn is more important than what you learn.”
Marty Neumeier

I understand that building a learning process is key, but applying it to the wrong things seems just as much a dead end as having no learning process.

Build and Manage a Learning Process to Cope with Accelerating Change

If you accept the premise that we are living in an age of accelerating change, which I do for the many areas now affected by Moore’s Law, then I think you have to accept a couple of corollaries:

  • The half-life of facts and knowledge is shrinking, so if all you are good at is memorizing facts you are already running the Red Queen’s Race (“faster and faster just to stay in one place).
  • You have to get better not just at memorizing facts but at “learning how to learn” and more importantly “learning how you learn most effectively.”

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  1. tkrischer December 8, 2010 at 2:28 pm

    Why to speed up memorizing facts, if their life is that kind of short, that the day you get them to your brain is the day they are overhauled?
    So, I agree with the second point: learn how to learn and: speed up and efficience-up that.

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