The Snow Lay Round About, Deep and Crisp and Even

One of the things it took me a long time for me to get used to living in Silicon Valley was the lack of snow.  Not snow that you could visit in places like Tahoe but snow that visited you.  A few years have seen snow in the foothills but nothing like winter mornings in St. Louis where the landscape would be entirely transformed by snow and/or freezing rain.

We have a week left in 2010. This is  a short post to collect some odds and ends on the day after Christmas, also known as  Feast of St. Stephen or Boxing Day depending upon where you are reading this.

steaming hot coffee and serious conversationWe have the last three  Bootstrapper Breakfasts® of 2010 this week:

  • Mon-Dec-27 Mountain View (Holiday) 9am register
  • Wed-Dec-29 Chicago 7:30am register
  • Thu-Dec-30 Sunnyvale (Holiday) 9am register

96: TZ Interview – Sean K. Murphy / Startup Strategy

I was interviewed last week by Justin Vincent and Jason Roberts for their 96th Techzing podcast. It’s about 90 minutes and covers a wide ranging set of topics, including:

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