Three Things I’d Like LinkedIn To Stop Doing Immediately

Dear LinkedIn: I am not looking for a job or other full time employment. I have a business account that I pay for every month so you don’t need to try and make money by showing me ads that I don’t want to see. By the way, I don’t want to see any ads, but find the following particularly annoying because they take up screen space on things I have no interest in at all.

1. Please stop showing ads with my picture over a job title at a company. I have my connection requests set to

Contact Sean for: I enjoy working with entrepreneurs or small companies who have working technology and are wrestling with how to accelerate their business: I can provide sales, marketing, and business planning support. I have more information on my website at

  • consulting offers
  • new ventures
  • expertise requests
  • business deals
  • reference requests
  • getting back in touch

Notably not on this list are “Career opportunities” and “Job opportunities.”

2. Please stop showing me a list of “Jobs You May Be Interested In.” Same reasons as #1.

3. Please stop showing me a list of “Companies You May Want To Follow” Same reasons as #1.

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