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Game Plan: Where Are We?Mastermind groups complement our Bootstrappers Breakfast meetings, they are for entrepreneurs who want to meet with a smaller group of the same people on a regular basis and really get to know each others’ businesses. In addition to the four Bootstrapper Breakfasts in Silicon Valley we facilitate three Mastermind groups. Napoleon Hill coined the Mastermind term, which he defined as follows:

“Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

This Friday, December 6, we have an open house in Cupertino at Noon if you are interested in learning more see Silicon Valley Mastermind Open House for E-Commerce Firms

We are starting a new On-Mastermind group in 2014 and will have two on-line meetings for entrepreneurs who are interested in taking part:

  • Tue Dec 17 2-4pm PST On-Line Mastermind Open House
  • Tues Jan 14 2pm PST On-Line Mastermind Open House

For Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who cannot attend this Friday we will have another Silicon Valley Mastermind Open House Monday January 13 6pm PST in Sunnyvale.

SKMurphy Mastermind GroupsIn our Mastermind groups, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to present their businesses issues, share referrals, and advise one another in a confidential, supportive environment during two meetings a month. Our groups have a unique high-tech focus and are limited to eight qualified members. All of the Open House events are no charge and will allow you to meet other members and potential members of our Mastermind groups.  The regular meetings run two hours and are held twice a month; the cost is $100 per month.

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