CNSV Recognized by IEEE as an Outstanding Chapter

The Consultants Network of Silicon Valley (CNSV) was recognized by IEEE Region 6 in 2015 for its outstanding achievements in promoting members’ skills and providing educational opportunities for Silicon Valley. The award reads:

IEEE Region 6 Outstanding Chapter  presented to

Consultants Network of Silicon Valley

For creating a network to promote the skills of its consultants, fostering collaboration among its members, creating alliances with other IEEE chapters, and providing educational opportunities for Silicon Valley.

Edited Transcript

Dennis Falkenstein: What does it take to be the best of the best? Silicon Valley has long been recognized as a leader in technology innovation. CNSV, the Consultants Network of Silicon Valley was recognized by the IEEE Region 6 as the outstanding chapter for 2015.  I am Dennis Falkenstein of iOnTrends. I am a medical device consultant and a member of CNSV. Today I am talking with two CNSV board members to  learn more about the IEEE outstanding chapter award for 2015.

First I would like to introduce Brian Berg. Brian is an independent consultant in consumer electronics, software, and hardware who specializes in flash memory  applications.

Brian Berg: Hi, I am a director of the Consultants Network of Silicon Valley, or CNSV. This is an IEEE chapter with over 200 members. These members have specialized skills in a number of areas, including hardware and software. When a company is developing a product they will often have the need for somebody with specialized experience, and there is a good chance that one of our members can help. Companies can either post a project or search our consultant directory at at no charge.

Dennis Falkenstein:  Next up is Kip Brown, an independent consultant specializing in analog mixed signal design. Kip is a registered professional engineer who has founded three startups, taught graduate courses at UC Berkeley, and served as an expert witness in several trials.

Kip Brown:  Hi. I am chair of CNSV. Our IEEE chapter was selected as the outstanding chapter for Region Six of IEEE. Region Six is the ten western states with over 55,000 members and nearly 200 chapters. CNSV was selected as the best of these chapters for three reasons:  we promote our members’ skills; we foster alliances and collaboration; we provide educational opportunities for our members and for Silicon Valley community.

This video was shot and edited by Perry West of Automated Vision Systems. The transcript has been edited and hyperlinked for clarity.

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