On-Line Bootstrappers Breakfast Complements In-Person Roundtable Model

We continue to experiment with new and varied formats for Bootstrapper Breakfasts, the most recent one is offering on-line meetings in Zoom complemented by access to a Google Doc for shared note-taking.

On-Line Bootstrappers Breakfast Complements In-Person Roundtable Model

waiting for the on-line bootstrappers breakfast to startThe Bootstrappers Breakfast is still dedicated to “entrepreneurs who eat problems for breakfast®.” We are experimenting with on-line meeting options to allow  you to take part if you are not in a city served by an in-person breakfast–or you don’t feel like fighting the morning commute traffic. You can also “have it your way,” whether it’s a special way of brewing your coffee, or a blend of tea not available in the low cost cost-effective restaurants where we congregate. Because it’s much harder to manage the nuances of moderation, we are going to limit attendance more sharply than we do in the face to face breakfasts. We are also making a Google Doc available to attendees for shared note-taking, suggestions, or additional links.

This builds on earlier experiments

Based on a suggestion by Shadeed Eleazar, volunteer moderator for the Baltimore Bootstrapper Breakfasts, we started doing 15-minute “3×5 card workshops.” These give participants the chance to write down their answers to a few key questions related to their business and share them with the other attendees for feedback and suggestions. We continue to do the short workshops every other month or so.

Mike Krupit, who moderates the New York and Philadelphia breakfasts, had earlier experimented with an on-line format to complement the Philly breakfast last year, and this builds on his approach and adds a few refinements. I suspect we will continue to fine-tune this approach through 2020 and involve other moderators who are interested in taking part.

Our goal is still to foster serious discussion among bootstrapping entrepreneurs

The goal remains the same: help bootstrapping entrepreneurs compare notes on challenges and opportunities and get a variety of useful perspectives. Encourage solo entrepreneurs to make connections that allow them to team up in a variety of ways that increase their ability to offer a strong product and go the distance from good idea to early customers to break even to scaling up profitably.

Bootstrapper BreakfastNext on-line Bootstrapper Breakfast is Wed-Dec-4-2019
at 8:30am PDT / 11:30 EDT / 4:30 PM GMT (tea time)

  • Register at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/bootstrappers-breakfast-special-on-line-event-for-december-2019-tickets-80974457783
  • Cost $10 (to allow us to manage headcount). Note: you must supply your own coffee or breakfast. You don’t need to turn on your camera if you don’t care to.
  • This on-line Bootstrapper Breakfast is bi-coastal: it will be facilitated by Michael Krupit ,who regularly facilitates Bootstrapper Breakfasts in New York and Philadelphia, and Sean Murphy, who facilitates breakfasts in Silicon Valley.
  • After you register, you will be given the coordinates for a Zoom session and a Google Doc we will use for our roundtable discussion.

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