Video: Early Revenue For Enterprise Web Apps

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This interactive webinar was for SaaS firms faced with an “enterprise sales” challenge by virtue of their minimum price point or number of job boundaries, business processes, or contractual relationships that  have to change to create value. Here is the video from my February 24 webinar with DreamSimplicity on “Early Sales for Enterprise Web Apps.”

The video is  also available:

If you just want the slides

I am looking for suggestions for how I can  improve the presentation:  it was the first time I gave it to a live audience. About 20% of the content was recycled from our “Engineering Your Sales Process” workshop but most of the content was new material that only emerged during the dry runs. I would also be very interested in any changes in strategy it provokes or questions or issues that you felt it should address but didn’t.

I should have a transcript available before the end of March.

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