Webinar Feb-24: “Early Revenue for Enterprise Web App Providers”

I have teamed up with DreamSimplicity to offer a free webinar on “Early Revenue for Enterprise Web App Providers” on Thursday Feb 24 at 9:00 AM PST

Registration is at https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/745026866 and a recording will be made available if you are unable to take part. There is no charge for the live webinar or access to the recording.

This interactive webinar is for SaaS firms faced with an “enterprise sales” challenge by virtue of their minimum price point or number of people who have to change to create value.

A lot of effort has gone into customer development methodologies for testing landing pages and pricing pages. But many of these are predicated on SaaS apps that only require a change at the task level for an individual to create value (e.g. personal productivity tools). What happens when a business process has to change (e.g. inventory management, corporate treasury actions, a project workspace) that requires more than one person to change what they are doing to create any value? What does customer development, in particular customer discovery and validation look like.

Update Mar-1-2013: Video is now available at “Video for Early Revenue for Enterprise Web Apps

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