Managing Oneself

On May 25, 2011, Howard Dernehl, Moe Arnaiz,  Charles Baugh and Sean Murphy recap Drucker's article "Managing Oneself" followed by examples of how they have incorporated how they learn and their strengths into their business. View the recorded discussion "Managing Oneself" by Peter Drucker This short seminal article by [...]

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Larry Lang on Managing Incentives

The recent troubles at Cisco have prompted a lot of commentary on the Cisco alumni e-mail list. One of the more thoughtful analyses was posted by Larry Lang (@llang629), who spent more than a decade at Cisco in a variety of positions. His last was as  VP and General Manager [...]

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Conversations Entrepreneurs Remember

We had a great Bootstrapper Breakfast® in February in Milpitas with Isaac Garcia, CEO of Central Desktop, speaking very candidly about the challenges of Bootstrapping Central Desktop and some lessons learned. Bob Gerughty mentioned after the meeting that he had run into someone who remembered him from  a comment he [...]

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