What’s Your Passion?

Don’t forget the dream to change the world that got you started: your passion is an important element of craftsmanship and a commitment to excellence.

What’s Your Passion?

Recently, I chatted with a well-established consultant–she’s been working for more than a decade. She was having trouble developing a short elevator pitch to describe what she did and how she helped people. This can be a problem when you are starting out, but she had clearly been successful for a while and this was something else.

Sometime I do this or do that, sometimes I work with this group inside the company. It all depends.

If you have been consulting for a while, or bootstrapping, you can lose your passion. How are you going to change the world? What was dream when you originally got started? What is your passion?

Find Your Passion?

Pay attention to the activities, challenges, and accomplishments that give you energy. De-emphasize, outsource, or partner to address issues or customer needs that you cannot summon enthusiasm for.

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