Applying the “Agile Manifesto” to Software Startups

What follows are some quick thoughts on how to apply insights from the "Agile Manifesto" (see also Martin Fowler's excellent essay on "The New Methodology" for a nice overview of what agile development entails) to early stage software startups. Value This More In Preference To Individuals And Interactions Processes And Tools Working Software Comprehensive [...]

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Software Demo: Are You Showing The Last Thing First?

Create and Deliver Surprisingly Compelling Software Demonstrations is an interactive workshop we are presenting jointly with Peter Cohan of the Second Derivative on March 29 at the Moorpark Hotel (Saratoga/280) in San Jose.  Sign up and bring a copy of your software demo: you can present the "executive attention span" version and get [...]

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SDForum Startup SIG: Interim CEO’s featuring Mark Lazar

Tonight I attended the SDForum Startup SIG, featuring Mark Lazar. Mark is a highly experienced chief executive with a proven record in successfully growing and managing companies in the software and telecommunication industries. Mark is usually attracted to opportunities where a company needs help in accelerating growth or turn around. [...]

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CINA Panel on Blog: What It Can Do For You

Sean Murphy is on a panel at the CINA Technology/ Innovation Program tonight (Thursday March 15, 2007). He joins expert bloggers Zoli Erdos and Henry Lu in discussing how to use blogs to benefit your professional and personal life. They will share with you their successes, walk you through the maze of online [...]

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March Silicon Valley NewTech Meetup

Last night I attended the Silicon Valley NewTech Meetup. Below is my opinion of the companies, the presentation, and my attempt to capture the content from the questions and answers. The first presentation was given by MyThings, a website that allows you to catalog your belongings on-line. The site was first [...]

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Startup Epicenter Offers Intensive Workshops, Challenge & Festival

Startup Epicenter has just announced two back to back entrepreneurial education events that together offer an intensive program designed to help you prepare for the grueling demands of an entrepreneurial journey. SKMurphy is a sponsor for the events. March 27-29 Startup Epicenter Intensive Workshops March 30-31 Startup Epicenter Challenge & Festival The program on March 29 starts at 2 in [...]

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