Briefing on Cloud Computing Paradigms at IEEE-CNSV May 19

I had the good fortune to meet Chris Wensel last year at a Hadoop User Group meeting at Yahoo and I was immediately impressed by his ability to clearly articulate complex technical concepts in cloud computing. His explanations were not “dumbed down” but flowed from a deep understanding he had gained using the technology to solve real problems in production settings. He has extended Hadoop with Cascading, a technology that translates the “map” and “reduce” operations in MapReduce onto familiar relational database constructs and has gone on to offer detailed training on Hadoop via Scale Unlimited.

I was delighted to secure his time to offer a portion of his Hadoop and Cascading bootcamp briefings next Tuesday May 19 at IEEE-CNSV as “Cloud Computing Paradigms: MapReduce, Hadoop, and Cascading.” The event is free and open to the public, it starts at 7pm at the Keypoint Credit Union at 2805 Bowers, Santa Clara, CA 95051.

The IEEE-CNSV events have become increasingly popular and are now running between 80 and 100 attendees, you might want to arrive a few minutes early. Also a  part of their format they ask newcomers to introduce themselves, so be prepared for your 15 seconds of fame.

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