20 Ways To Generate Leads

Most entrepreneurs we talk to these days is asking “how can I bring more customers into my business?”

There are no quick or easy answers here. Just some encouragement to try a new technique or two. You will need to develop a multi-pronged approach for your business. Sometime it takes thinking of creative ways to expand your current techniques. There are many ways to generate new leads, none are right or wrong. It is very personal – which will work for you, and the people you are trying to reach.

Which one of these are you not doing that you should try next?

  1. Referrals (also see Discount for Referral and What Can I Do to Build Referrals)
  2. Website
  3. Brochures/ Flyers
  4. Direct Mail Letters or Cards
  5. Seminars
  6. Give A Talk
  7. Blog (also see Getting Started and Good Blogging is Good Linking)
  8. Strategic Partnerships
  9. Google Adwords
  10. Craigslist
  11. Newsletters
  12. Press Releases
  13. Articles and White Papers
  14. Keep In Touch With Past Clients and Nurture Prospects
    1. Phone Calls
    2. Invite To Lunch
    3. Letters
    4. E-Mail
    5. Invite Them To Attend An Event With You
  15. On-line Business Directories
  16. Networking Meetings
  17. Post Purchases Follow Up
  18. Joint Ventures
  19. Warm Call
  20. Trade Shows

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