Tips For Handling Referrals

Tips for Nurturing ReferralsNurturing Referrals Is Critical to Growth

Nurturing referrals is a critical activity for every entrepreneur. A referral is an introduction to a prospect with an endorsement. They come from shared success with your customers or colleagues, someone who knows your potential and can vouch for you or your team’s ability to deliver. These individuals are the best way for you to get new business.  However, it requires time and energy to build and maintain the relationships that foster referrals. When someone gives you a referral here are a couple tips on how to nurture it.

7 Tips For Nurturing Referrals

  1. Model your relationship after the Save-the-Children Sponsor Program: Pictures and Thank you Letters
  2. Be proactive with Thanks
  3. Communicate on Progress
  4. Keep Them in the Loop
  5. Manage their Reputation
  6. Deliver for them
  7. Be clear on service demarcation (small overlaps are better than gaps)

Three Key Things to Remember

  • They are sponsoring you
  • Reputations are hard to build and easy to dent
  • You are creating “customers in common”

Tristan Kromer left a comment: “It’s rarely possible to overdo follow-ups!”

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