Conference Call on Customer Development For Entrepreneurs Wed-Jun-3

One of the challenges with customer development is that it involves not only formulating and testing hypotheses about your customer and their specific needs but also uncovering hidden assumptions that may be holding your team back.

If you feel you’ve hit a brick wall in your efforts please sign up for a free teleconference session that Brant Cooper and I are hosting next Wednesday June 3 at 1pm Pacific. If you are interested please contact Brant at and let him know

  • a brief outline of your situation
  • one or two specific challenges you would like to get insight on.
  • your website, E-mail, and phone number.

There is no charge for this roundtable but long distance charges may apply. Your cofounder(s) or partner(s) are welcome to join the call but it’s first-come first-served and we ask that only entrepreneurs who are actively engaged in customer development sign up.

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