Updating Your Website? Don’t Forget …

If you are updating your website, here a couple of things you want to make sure you do:

  • Add Google Analytics to your new pages.
  • Add permanent redirects (HTTP 301) for any pages you have moved/renamed to preserve search engine ranking.
  • View your website on multiple browsers (at least the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox).
  • Run Website Grader to get a short fix-it list for things you may have overlooked.
  • Run a spell check on any pages you have added or updated; we use spellr.us.

Update Nov-17 Andy Wright of Elevensoft suggests “I’d also check for broken links and check that your markup is valid.” Two good suggestions which prompt me to add

  • Google’s Webmaster Tools offer a number of good checks: in particular the “Crawl Errors” and “HTML Suggestions” diagnostics. Like Google Analytics it’s free.

Update Nov-20: Colin Warwick suggests “Xenu’s Link Sleuth is another good broken link checker. It’s an app that you install.”

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