Recognizing Chris Finnie as a Partner and Advisor

We focus on strategy and business development for software startups. We’ve been fortunate to develop strong relationships with firms who also serve startups but offer complementary services, as well as firms who focus on larger clients but whose expertise is also of benefit to startups.

We work with a number of partners to create value for our clients. We take a long-term view of each partnership, believing that establishing close, mutually beneficial relationships with our partners is the best way to give our clients the best service possible.

We have been doing joint projects with Chris Finnie for more than six months and she has proven to be a very effective collaboration partner.

A lot of people can string words together. But not everybody can do it in a way that positions your company and your product. That communicates a meaningful benefit to your target audience. That drives sales. Chris can. With more than two decades in high-technology marketing, she is quick to understand new technologies. She can scope out relevant benefits and the competitive landscape, with a full appreciation for marketing messages that support the business strategy, just as fast. Chris is a successful business manager and owner with deep experience as an agency creative director.

Chris has added a lot to our messaging capabilities and brings a complementary set of skills in  copywriting and copyediting to our team.

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