June 2010

Finding a Co-Founder: 3 Months Is a Long Time

This post builds on my earlier “Finding a Co-Founder” and “Compromise & Get Started” posts on the challenges with finding a co-founder for your software startup. It assumes you are working at least part time with a potential co-founder exploring if you can collaborate successfully and generate revenue from a new jointly developed product or …

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Finding A Co-Founder: Compromise & Get Started

Building on yesterday’s “Finding A Co-Founder” I want to identify a couple of common challenges to getting started with people you have had prior shared success with  and offer some suggestions for how to compromise and get started working with them. Reconnect with Folks You Have Successfully Collaborated With I suggested the following approach: Make …

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Treat Social Capital With the Same Care as Cash

Actively  Manage Expectations With Clear Communications Always Assume Everything You Do Will Become Public Listen For What Isn’t Being Said Predictable Behavior Inspires Trust Trust Doesn’t Scale, It’s Knit by Aligning Actions With Prior Commitments Related Posts Honesty in Negotiations The Business is Everyone’s Business Conserving Trust in a Downturn Bouncing Back

The Half-Life of Wisdom

Excerpts from section 7 “Seek Wisdom, Competence, and Confidence” of  “Slow Down to Speed Up” by  Ronald J. Stupak and David S. Greisler The half-life of information is six months. The half-life of wisdom is a lifetime. The self is not infinitely elastic. It has potentials and it has limits. If the work we do …

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Are You Generating iPad Fishbowl Leads?

Two years ago we asked the question “Are You Generating iPod Fishbowl Leads” I was reminded of this by a recent post by Simon Favre “You Can’t Give Stuff Away Fast Enough” about his recent experiences at DAC 2010 working in both the Global Foundries (GF) and TSMC booths.

Simple Client Satisfaction & Process Improvement Survey

Whether it’s a free phone call or a working session, a workshop, or a longer term engagement we normally send the following four question survey to all of the participants: Please help us improve our engagement and service delivery processes. Please take five minutes and answer the following four questions with one or two items …

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