Treat Social Capital With the Same Care as Cash

Actively  Manage Expectations With Clear Communications Always Assume Everything You Do Will Become Public Listen For What Isn't Being Said Predictable Behavior Inspires Trust Trust Doesn't Scale, It's Knit by Aligning Actions With Prior Commitments Related Posts Honesty in Negotiations The Business is Everyone's Business Conserving Trust in a Downturn [...]

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The Half-Life of Wisdom

Excerpts from section 7 "Seek Wisdom, Competence, and Confidence" of  "Slow Down to Speed Up" by  Ronald J. Stupak and David S. Greisler The half-life of information is six months. The half-life of wisdom is a lifetime. The self is not infinitely elastic. It has potentials and it has limits. [...]

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Are You Generating iPad Fishbowl Leads?

Two years ago we asked the question “Are You Generating iPod Fishbowl Leads” I was reminded of this by a recent post by Simon Favre “You Can’t Give Stuff Away Fast Enough” about his recent experiences at DAC 2010 working in both the Global Foundries (GF) and TSMC booths. [...]

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Tips For Modeling & Managing Cash Flow

There were a number of excellent suggestions from last  Tuesday's Bootstrapper Breakfast with Rick Kadet on managing and modeling your cash flow. Rick Kadet opened with  some good points about common mistakes founders make in modeling and managing cash flow: They can focus too much on the current bank balance  [...]

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DAC 2010 Blog Coverage Roundup

Here is my roundup of blog posts about the 2010 Design Automation Conference. You can also follow the #47DAC hashtag on twitter for breaking announcements during the conference. Last year's roundup is available a DAC 2009 Blog Coverage Roundup. Original intro: If you write a blog post that reviews an [...]

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How Can I Improve This Blog?

Please use my contact form to let me know  "What Should I Do To Improve the SKMurphy Blog?" and enter enter your name and E-mail if you are open to answering my questions about your suggestion. Update June 28: Dave Concannon really made my day with this tweet Sean Murphy's [...]

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