Please Suggest a Quote For Entrepreneurs

Originally published June 11, 2010 I mentioned last week that my "Startup Wisdom (2009) E-book" was available.  I thought I would provide some more background on my interest in quotes and offer an incentive for my readers to "Suggest a Quote for Entrepreneurs" using my contact form. I have been [...]

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Innovation Needs Starvation, Pressure, and a New Perspective

Successful innovation results when entrepreneurs manage their own shortcomings,  find a  problem they care about, and approach it from different angles with small safe-to-fail experiments. Dave Snowden on Culture and Innovation Dave Snowden has a thought provoking post on Culture and Innovation where he identified three  necessary, but not sufficient [...]

Deprecating Facebook

I have decided that deprecating Facebook, migrating off of it as a social network, is the most prudent response to a series of actions by management. Because my decision is based on a lack of trust of the current leadership I will revisit it every six months or so to see [...]

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“Startup Wisdom” E-Book (2009 Edition)

The Startup Wisdom  E-Book (2009 Edition) is now available. currently unavailable. It collects contemporary and classic quotes that I believe offer entrepreneurs practical insights and encouragement. It includes commentary on many of the quotes and suggestions for how to apply them. Early reviewers have found it energizing. Like a double [...]

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