What Are Your Stable Browser Tabs?

I was rummaging around in Mr. Google’s basement–you can get lost done there in a maze of bright and shiny objects if you are not careful–and I came across this quote by Justin Rosenstein in “How is Asana’s Beta Going” (I am not using nor contemplating using Asana but it’s the next part you should pay attention to):

While getting there sometimes requires a learning curve, once users fully adopt Asana, they really love it, use it every day, devote a stable browser tab to it alongside their email and calendars, and are very disgruntled if it goes down even briefly.  We’ve taken this as strong validation for the product’s vision and early direction.

I think that’s a great test for a category of product: does it become so important that you launch it when you start your browser and leave it logged in all day.  Here are my stable browser tabs:

  • Central Desktop
  • Webex Office
  • LinkedIn
  • News.Ycombinator

What are yours?

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