Book Club: Origin and Evolution of New Business

Live Call-in Discussion on Wednesday, October 26, 2011Dave Stubenvoll, CEO & Co-Founder Wowza Media, Inc., Francis Adanza, Dir. Professional Services, Zephyr, Inc. and Sean Murphy, CEO SKMurphy, Inc. share insights from the book about how they explore uncertain and ambiguous opportunities. View recorded session

Origin and Evolution of New Business

by Amar V. Bhide’

The book examines the nature of the opportunities that entrepreneurs pursue, problems and tasks they face, traits and skills they require, and the social and economic contributions they make; and then compares those realities with features of large, established companies. Entrepreneurs pursue opportunities with different levels of uncertainty, investment requirements, and likely profit. They survive and prosper because of an ongoing ability to adapt to opportunities and problems, are subjected to many detours, and stumble often along the way.


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