Planning for 2012: We Are Interested In Your Insights and Suggestions

We are starting our planning process for 2012 even as we scramble to finish everything still on the cooker for 2011.  We have meetings scheduled with our partners to help us assess what we have learned from 2011 and arrive at a working consensus for 2011-13.

I welcome any suggestions for:

  • How to improve this blog and related website.
  • How to improve the Book Club for Business Impact.
  • How to increase the impact of usefulness of the Bootstrapper Breakfasts for bootstrapping entrepreneurs.
  • Other programs, talks, workshops you would like to see us offer.

I am very interested in any insights you care to share about key technologies and business trends likely to impact bootstrapping entrepreneurs in the next year or two. In particular in these areas:

  • New models for global teams and multi-firm collaboration that are predicated on transparent incessant collaboration among experts.
  • Perspective on the impact of communication and pervasive connectivity in creating new business models.
  • Is video the new HTML? Will it be as ubiquitous and interactive as HTML within five to ten years.

If you interested in partnering on a joint project or initiative we are always happy to talk with other serious entrepreneurs.  We do business with teams all over the world.

You can reach us at / 408-252-9676 / or use the contact form

Details as they unfold.

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