Panelists Announced for Bootstrapper’s Manifesto Book Club Webinar

We have two bootstrappers as panelists for Wednesday's Business Book Club webinar on Seth Godin's Bootstrapper's Manifesto. Neal Tovsen, founder of Neal's fifteen years of professional experience have focused on the architecture, design, and end-to-end development of highly available, distributed, scalable, software-as-a-service platforms.  His understanding of how to integrate [...]

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Geva Solomonovich of Fraud Sciences at Fri-Nov-4 BB

Geva Solomonowich, an early employee at Fraud Sciences and several other startups joins us tomorrow to share lessons learned getting early customers and growing the business. Francis Adanza interviewed him on the Bootstrapper Breakfast blog in mid-October, here are some excerpts: Francis: Prior to Fraud Sciences, what were you doing? [...]

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Book Club: Brian Arthur’s “The Second Economy”

Call-in Book Review  Recorded on WednesdayDecember 14, 2011Anne Rozinat of Fluxicon and Sean Murphy of SKMurphy discuss the impact of the pervasive digitization of business processes on cloud business models. View the recorded session The Second Economy by W. Brian Arthur This McKinsey Quarterly article provides the context for a [...]

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The Startup Mythology of Silicon Valley

A post on Matt Wensing's blog alerted me to an atypical post on TechCrunch by Mark Hendrickson "Startup School and the Instigation of Entrepreneurship." It's an insightful critique of the startup mythology of Silicon Valley. Some excerpts: "We are experiencing a generation of entrepreneurs who prioritize the phenomenon of entrepreneurship [...]

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Book Club: Seth Godin’s Bootstrappers Manifesto

Recorded Discussion on Bootstrappers ManifestoSteve Hogan moderates a discussion with Neal Tovsen of and Sarah Gray of of on Seth Godin's Bootstrapper Manifesto. This recording starts after the panel introductions please see View session for details on panelists. The E-book version of The Bootstrappers Bible is available [...]

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