Entrepreneurs Are Nonconformists

"In high school, popularity is more important than anywhere else, but popularity is not a measure of likability. Popularity is composed of three elements: visibility, recognizability and influence. The people in school who have those three qualities are often that way because they conform to a standard. Meanwhile, the kids [...]

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Hotels Near Great Demo! Workshop

On October 12, we are hosting Peter Cohan's Great Demo! Workshop. It is open to the public and often participates travel from afar. The all day workshop held at the Moorpark Hotel, which several past attendees have stayed at and enjoyed. Here are some additional hotels that are nearby listed [...]

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Highly Effective Software Development Teams

The highly effective teams I have been a member of used a rapid prototyping approach to help bound uncertainties/risks in the project and delayed making decisions when more information would improve the situation, unless any further delay was effectively a decision. I think that a lot of individual productivity comes [...]

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Book Club: Origin and Evolution of New Business

Live Call-in Discussion on Wednesday, October 26, 2011Dave Stubenvoll, CEO & Co-Founder Wowza Media, Inc., Francis Adanza, Dir. Professional Services, Zephyr, Inc. and Sean Murphy, CEO SKMurphy, Inc. share insights from the book about how they explore uncertain and ambiguous opportunities. View recorded session Origin and Evolution of New Business [...]

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Remembering What Happened

At first we didn't know what to call it, so we called it what happened. "Do you believe what happened?" "They think he died in what happened." It was weeks before we called it 9/11. Sometimes tragedy takes time to find a name. Peggy Noonan in "We'll Never Get Over [...]

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Outstanding Panel for Wed-Sep-14 Book Club on “Great Demo”

We have an outstanding panel lined up for next Wednesday's Business Impact Book Club: Matt Cameron,  CEO, WhoTo.com Jon Cline,  Principal, Cirrus Path Brian K. Seitz, Managing Director, Intellectual Arbitrage Group We will discuss lessons learned applying Peter Cohan's methodology from his "Great Demo" book. If you are interested in [...]

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Startup Fantasy Camp

"Startup Fantasy Camp: throw a group of strangers together for 48-72 hours and have them pretend to be a startup." Sean Murphy Good ideas can be fleshed out and explored and an accelerated product prototyping experience can be had in a 48-72 hour camp. But I don't think it's realistic [...]

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