Anne Rozinat of Fluxicon Joins Business Book Panel for “Second Economy”

“Every so often—every 60 years or so—a body of technology comes along and over several decades, quietly, almost unnoticeably, transforms the economy: it brings new social classes to the fore and creates a different world for business…something deep is going on with information technology, something that goes well beyond the use of computers, social media, and commerce on the Internet.”
Brian Arthur in “The Second Economy

SKMurphy Business Book ClubAnne Rozinat is co-founder of Fluxicon, a provider of software tools and services for business process mining. She has project experience with a number of major European firms in customer service, healthcare, IT services, healthcare and government. Her training is in software engineering with a PhD in Process Mining and she is a founding member of the IEEE Task Force on Process Mining.

She is joining us on Wed-Dec-14 at Noon PDT to discuss Brian Arthur‘s “The Second Economy” article in the October 2011 McKinsey Quarterly.

“Business processes that once took place among human beings are now executed electronically. They are taking place in an unseen domain that is strictly digital. This shift is quietly creating a second economy, a digital one.”
Brian Arthur in “The Second Economy

In addition to her published research and her private client work Anne is an active blogger and has several posts that bear on Brian Arthur’s “Second Economy” thesis:

“In any deep transformation, industries do not so much adopt the new body of technology as encounter it, and as they do so they create new ways to profit from its possibilities.”
Brian Arthur in “The Second Economy

In the same way that computer networks required much more sophisticated network management and systems administration tools and methodologies,  the increased digitization of business processes–blending automation with human expertise in extremely complex workflows–will require us to invent new tools and methods for specifying and managing them.

“This second economy that is silently forming—vast, interconnected, and extraordinarily productive—is creating for us a new economic world. How we will fare in this world, how we will adapt to it, how we will profit from it and share its benefits, is very much up to us.”
Brian Arthur in “The Second Economy

Our hope is that conversation will touch on impacts, risks, and some early examples:

  • Understand Pervasive Impact of Process Digitization on Business
  • Key Risk  Is to Make Work Processes Invisible
    • Complicates “Management By Walking Around”
    • New Tools & Practices Needed to Leverage
  • Early Example:  Amazon’s Mechanical Turk
    • Blends Automation and Human Expertise
    • Creating New Kinds of Business Models

Please Register and join the roundtable discussion Wed-Dec-14 at Noon PST.

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