How To Run Experiments That Improve Your Business – On-Line Book Club June 20

Tomorrow, we complete our coverage of “The Innovator’s DNA”. We have a great panel who will share their tips and lessons learned running experiments that improved their products and business models.

Join us Wednesday June 20, 2012
12 noon – 1pm PST

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How is SKMurphy Book Club different from other book review clubs?

There is a large gap between reading a business book or article and applying it to your work. We find entrepreneurs and business leaders who have applied the techniques and methods suggested by the authors and have a candid discussion about what they have learned.  The panel shares stories about what has worked and what hasn’t, offering insights you can act on. It’s a discussion that also includes questions and comments from the audience, with audience questions probing for real insights on how to use the ideas and principles outlined in the book.

Since we selected the Innovator’s DNA as one of the best business books of 2011, we have explored the key skills in five webinars:

Find other recorded sessions at  SKMurphy Book Club for Business Impact

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