Engineering Your Sales Process Workshop at 2012 Lean Startup Conference

I was invited to give a workshop the day after the Dec-3-2012 Lean Startup Conference and have teamed up with Scott Sambucci to offer a revised and improved version of our “Engineering Your Sales Process.” Here is the overview for this half day workshop:

All companies, even those that take a lean approach, face these problems in B2B sales:

  • You can’t get potential customers to call back
  • They won’t make a decision
  • They seem to like a ever-ending beta, but they will not buy
  • Your deals stall

This interactive workshop will help you learn from these problems by using conscious planning and experimentation. Traditional sales training stresses “every no moves you closer to a yes.” Our approach to engineering your sales process says instead, “What looks like noise is often actually data.” Designing and debugging a repeatable sales process is key to a sustainable business, and we’ll address how to diagnose common problems to determine likely root causes. You will leave with a scientific approach to understanding your customers’ needs and their buying process so that you can scale your business in harmony with it.

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