Preliminary Results From Research On Managing Creative Projects

If you manage a firm that provides creative, design, or professional services you have to balance making a profit with investing in your team. If you are  struggling to increase project profitability you may be interested in preliminary results from an ongoing research effort that has identified key questions that can help you manage and deliver creative projects at a profit.

The true measure for project profitability factors in not only your costs and revenue but also your need to

  • improve current capabilities,
  • develop new capabilities,
  • establish new relationships,
  • and acquire new domain knowledge.

I am collaborating with Michal Domanski on interviews with creative service firm managers to understand how they address these challenges. Our focus has been on the questions that they have found most useful to manage creative projects for improved customer value and increased profitability. We have summarized our findings to date in an ebook entitled “Value, Profit, and Creativity: Questions That Help You Manage And Deliver Profitable Projects.

The ebook outlines a simple process to

  • improve the accuracy of your estimates,
  • deploy your team more effectively,
  • eliminate sources of error and inefficiency,
  • and identify opportunities that successful projects have now enabled.

Download your ebook here:

If you manage a firm that delivers creative or design projects and would like to take part in a brief interview please contact me to take part in the ongoing research.

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