Sean Murphy: Mastering the Art of Model Creation for Effective Business Decision-Making

Model creation enables effect business decisions: models enable “what-if” analysis for the rapid exploration of a wide range of options.

Sean Murphy: Mastering the Art of Model Creation for Effective Business Decision-Making

We make about 35000 decisions a day. Creating the right decision-making-model can steer your organization or team in the right direction. Sean Murphy has mastered the art of model creation for effective business decision-making.

“Sean Murphy is very good at creating models: thought models and analytic models.

I have used models to open up new insights and understanding of my business situation, allowing me to make better decisions and solve problems.”

Tino Go, Founder of Baru

SKMurphy’s take: Many entrepreneurs we support have scientific and engineering backgrounds and tend to be suspicious of sales and marketing as soft, fuzzy, or bullshit. A key element of how we collaborate with technical entrepreneurs is to include simple mathematical models that allow them to explore critical relationships between decisions they can make, variables they can influence, and the outcomes they want to achieve.

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Sean Murphy: Mastering the Art of Model Creation for Effective Business Decision-Making


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  •  SKMurphy is a Trusted Business Advisor with Analytical Approach describes how Sean Murphy, the founder of SKMurphy, uses his analytical and modeling skills to provide valuable insights and guidance to entrepreneurs with technical backgrounds.  His analytical approach involves gathering data and using it to make informed decisions. It is critical to be transparent about the data and analysis used in making recommendations. “SKMurphy has been a trusted business advisor for the past five years. The most valuable role they play is as a sounding board for strategy and next steps. They help me frame decisions and actions based on great depth ­ of business experience. Sean’s analytical and conceptual approach allows me to organize my thinking and to plan several steps ahead in the complex negotiations we have to navigate.”

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